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The average house hold spends around £1200 per year on fuel bills and its going up.

  • Reduces heat loss by up to 45 % when compared to a solid wall property with no insulation installed
  • Could save you £45 for every £100 currently spent on your heating bill
  • This typical means around £460 per year on your fuel bill*

The link below shows show how much you can save with External & Internal Wall Insulation

The Green Deal Home Improvement Fund can help reduce the cost of installation massively.

Green Deal – What is it!

We are not Green Deal providers but this is our basic guide to how the green deal works.

The Green Deal is a way of pay for energy-saving home improvements. You’ll be able to take out Green Deal finance to pay for solid wall insulation and other energy efficiency measures.

This is perfectly suited to homes that are but without a traditional cavity. The only solution is such as external and internal wall insulation (EWI / IWI).

Launched in October 2012, The Green Deal is the UK Government’s flagship Energy Efficiency Initiative that allows you pay for some or all of the energy efficiency improvements, over time through your electricity meter.

This is now supported by the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund which can significantly increase its chances of making the measures affordable.

How does it work?

We will arrange for an independent Green Deal Assessor will come to your home, talk to you about your energy use and see if you could benefit from making energy efficiency improvements to your home. The Assessor asses your property and recommend improvements and you can benefit from.

The Energy Assessor will give you with clear idea of the energy improvements you could make to your home within the following reports.

  1. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) showing the performance of your property and potential improvements.
  2. Occupancy Assessment (OA) showing how you’re household and uses energy, with potential expected savings you can expect from the suggested improvements.

You don’t have to take all or any of the measure the report advises, it’s your choice.

So what is the Green Deal’s Golden Rule?

‘The Green Deal’s Golden Rule’ is your safeguard!

The cost of the install must not be more that what you pay on your bill now and is vital to how the green deal works. So basically you would pay any more for the measures installed and your bills wound go up.

 Does that sound complicated?? 

Yes we agree………..

There are many options to fund your home improvements, call for a FREE consolation and we can help walk through the options or put you in touch with our Green Deal Provider partner to walk through the detail.