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Energy ‘Detectives’ Help Building Owners Stem Tide of Rising Gas and Electric Prices

This new scheme the green Deal replaces the Warmfront, Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) Community Energy Savings Programme (CESP) schemes and is designed to remove the up-front costs of undertaking works such as external wall insulation to your property.

One in four UK households now live in fuel poverty, meaning they need to spend more than 10% of their income on energy to keep warm.

Living in a cold home can be very damaging to physical health. Older people and children are at particular risk of health problems as a result of uninsulated homes.


About a third of UK homes have solid walls, according to the National Insulation Association (NIA). The NIA estimates that 45% of heat from these homes could be escaping through walls.
The Green Deal and is available to residential properties for all homeowners, tenants and landlords (although both the electricity bill payer and homeowner have to agree to works to be completed).

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is an obligation that is designed to cut energy and carbon us throughout the UK and is delivered and managed by the big 6 utility companies.

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) has made a recent announcement regarding the launch of a new incentive scheme – DECC announcement on Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF). Homes.

The scheme helps people to install energy efficiency measures such as solid wall insulation and new heating systems by providing them with money back on the contributions they make towards improvements.



The Green Deal Improvement Fund is a simple way of accessing funds to help significantly reduce the cost of major improvements to your home, like External Wall Insulation, the impact is great both visual improving your home, helps you save money and low your fuel bills, future proofing

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Act now and don’t lose out on the potential £7600 Home Improvement Fund.